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  • Cao Duc Nguyen

    Cao Duc Nguyen

    A software engineer with over 10 years of experience working in data architect roles to build cloud infrastructures and advanced analytics solutions.

  • Dave Gershgorn

    Dave Gershgorn

    Senior Writer at OneZero covering surveillance, facial recognition, DIY tech, and artificial intelligence. Previously: Qz, PopSci, and NYTimes.

  • Emma Zhou

    Emma Zhou

    Software @Neuralink

  • Andrei Tapalaga ✒️

    Andrei Tapalaga ✒️

    Avid Writer with invaluable knowledge in Humanity! “You make your own life” atapalaga97@gmail.com

  • Joshua VanDeBrake

    Joshua VanDeBrake

    Passionate about Marketing, Startups, & VC. Full-Stack Marketer. Ambivert. Millennial.

  • Tessa Schlesinger

    Tessa Schlesinger

    Global citizen Author Thinker Polymath Atheist Progressive Climate change. Loves photography, beauty, dancing & thinks benevolence is a survival mechanism.

  • Anthony Weeks

    Anthony Weeks

  • Chad Griffiths

    Chad Griffiths

    Industrial real estate broker & partner at NAI Commercial. Interviewing industry leaders on my Youtube channel. #MBA #SIOR #CCIM

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